Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Avatar and Earth Day

With "Avatar" debuting on DVD and Blu-ray today, on Earth Day, I've been thinking a lot about what today really is all about. In a sense, I really appreciate that Cameron chose to release the film on Earth Day, because not only is it in keeping with the themes of the film itself, but it's also significant because in a way, it has helped raise awareness of Earth Day itself. One can't help but think this may have been Cameron's intention all along. I've had more people ask me why the film is coming out on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday, and every time I tell them it's because it's Earth Day, it gives me a little sense of accomplishment because that's just one more person who is aware of the event and it's meaning.

What strikes me most about the release is that in recent weeks, James Cameron has been multi-tasking between trips to the Amazon Rain forest to try and help put a stop to deforestation, doing interviews and press conferences regarding the DVD and Blu-ray release of Avatar, and launching a program to plant one million trees before the end of the year. Whatever your opinion of the man, he's doing some very good things and fighting for the good guys, putting his money where his mouth is. There's something really admirable about that.

What's also been on my mind is how "Avatar", the most successful film of all time, is, at it's core, a beautifully realized piece of metaphorical storytelling that has at once captured the imaginations of millions of people, while also being the most successful environmentally themed film of all time. The fact remains that no matter what anyone thinks of the quality of the film itself, it has something very important to say about how governments and corporations are raping the natural world. And if we don't do something to stop it soon, the damage we have done to our planet, and will do in the future, will be catastrophic. I fear for my own generation, as well as the generations of my children and their children. We are now responsible for this mess. We're responsible for it because all generations before us created it. And now it's our job to clean it up.

I love all of my readership and the support you've all given me. But in all honesty, the stuff I write about here, Oscars, films, etc., is all pretty insignificant at the end of the day when, in all seriousness, the fate of our planet is literally hanging in the balance based on what WE all do about it. So please, as you're all going about your day today, do something for the planet. Do something for Earth Day. And don't stop tomorrow. Keep doing it. Help plant a tree. Recycle your paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass. Use less energy. Drive less. Do SOMETHING. This planet is our home, and we've only got one shot at keeping it alive. Make it count.

P.S. Please be sure to visit this website. Watch the short video and sign up to be part of this important program!


mombot said...

Well done! Excellent blog post.

elizagolightly said...

Good post.

It's not like Avatar was very subtle in it's metaphor, but the message is still great. And even though I think Cameron is a douche, I can recognize the good he is trying to do for the world and appreciate it. :)

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