Sunday, March 7, 2010

82nd Oscars Live Blog - Ceremony

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7:30 pm - And so it begins. What was with the actor lineup?!

7:31 pm - Neil Patrick Harris, only you could save this ceremony.

7:36 pm - Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin have good chemistry so far. This is a weird ceremony though. I can't tell if the opening monologue is coming off as good or awkward.

7:42 pm - Big applause for Avatar, sluggish applause for The Hurt Locker. Fuck it, who are we kidding, Avatar is so winning. Sigh....

7:45 pm - First award of the night, Best Supporting Actor, presented by Penelope Cruz

7:50 pm - Christoph Waltz! You and your adorable metaphor-laden speeches are too awesome for words

7:56 pm - Best Animated Film goes to... Up!

8:01 pm - Best Original Song. This just isn't the same without the performances of the songs...

8:04 - The Weary Kind from Crazy Heart! Such a wonderful and heartfelt song!

8:06 - Chris Pine, star of Star Trek, presents rival sci-fi film, District 9. That seems awkward.

8:13 pm - Robert Downey Jr and Tina Fey presenting original screenplay, livening things up a bit.

8:16 pm - The Hurt Locker wins O. Screenplay! Thank god! Things are looking better!

8:17 pm - Tribute to John Hughes, this is gonna be rough

8:22 pm - RIP John Hughes.

8:24 pm - Sam Jackson is just what we needed to get energized again. Presenting Up. Such a wonderful film.

8:28 pm - So far, I've gotten all predictions correct.

8:32 pm - Short Live Animated film goes to.... Logorama!

8:34 pm - Best Documentary Short goes to..... Music by Prudence!

8:35 pm - I ALWAYS screw up on the short film section. Ugh

8:36 pm - Maybe Live Action Short can redeem me? The oscar goes to... The New Tenants!

8:37 pm - Nope, no hope for me in the Shorts

8:39 pm - Ben Stiller helps us relax a bit with na'vi outfit.

8:40 pm - Best Makeup goes to.... Star Trek! Maybe there's hope for me after all!

8:45 pm - A Serious Man, one of th emost underrated films of the year. So brilliant

8:49 pm - Best Adapted Screenplay goes to.... Geoffery Fletcher for Precious

8:50 pm - I am so boned. Can't win em all, huh?

8:56 - Robin Williams presents Supporting Actress. And the Oscar goes to.... Mo'Nique!

9:06 pm - Sigourney Weaver presents Art Direction. And the oscar goes to.... Avatar!

9:12 pm - The Young Victoria wins Costume Design!

9:24 pm - Best Sound Editing goes to.... The Hurt Locker!

9:27 pm - Best Sound Mixing goes to..... The Hurt Locker!

9:28 pm - This is a really good sign for The Hurt Locker

9:36 pm - Best Cinematography. The Oscar goes to.... Avatar!

9:38 pm - In Memoriam Montage

9:50 pm - Best Original Score. And the oscar goes to.... Up!

9:55 pm - Avatar wins Best Visual Effects!

10:02 pm - Best Documentary. And the Oscar goes to.... The Cove! Such an incredible film!

10:06 pm - Best Editing. And the Oscar goes to..... The Hurt Locker!

10:09 pm - Keanu Reeves presents The Hurt Locker. If my theory is correct, Avatar just won Best Picture

10:15 pm - Best Foreign Language Film. And the Oscar goes to.... The Secret in Her Eyes!

10:21 pm - Avatar is so winning Best Picture. Facepalm.

10:30 pm - Best Actor. And the Oscar goes to....... Jeff Bridges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:49 pm - Best Actress. And the Oscar goes to....... Sandra Bullock!

10:57 pm - BEST DIRECTOR GOES TO KATHRYN BIGELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:00 pm - THE HURT LOCKER WINS BEST PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!


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