Sunday, March 7, 2010

82nd Oscars Live Blog - Red Carpet

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5:20 pm - Sam Worthington interviewed. Funny guy. Payless shoes, classic.

5:23 pm - Natalie Rotman is obnoxious

5:30 pm - Anna Kendrick is looking gorgeous and adorable as always.

5:34 pm - The star, writer and director of A Prophet being interviewed. French translators on hand.

5:37 pm - Pat Feld scares me O_O

5:40 pm - Sigourney Weaver looks stunning, as always.

5:41 pm - Jeremy Renner is just such a cool dude. He brought his mom as his date. He sounds kind of hoarse though. Looking great in Armani.

5:44 pm - Mo'Nique is looking great in royal blue. Hard to imagine that she played such a monster in the film, she's so funny and sweet.

5:49 pm - Diane Kruger looks like she's struggling with her dress.

5:53 pm - Sandra looks shiny.

5:54 pm - Jason Reitman and his beautiful wife. He's humbled out I think

5:57 pm - Lee Daniels is a hoot.

6:01 pm - Anthony Mackie is really energetic. Can someone tell me why Matt Damon deserved to be nominated and he didn't??

6:10 pm - Vera Farmiga looks great but here hair is a little too poofy for me.

6:11 pm - Carey Mulligan looks stunning, and very blonde. Thank god she didn't bring Shia LeDouche along

6:22 pm - James Cameron looks much better with the haircut

6:28 pm - Quentin Tarantino is being goofy as usual.

6:30 pm - Hellen Mirren and Christopher Plummer are both so classy and elegant.

6:34 pm - Kristen Stewart actually looks halfway decent, but her hair is greasy and gross.

6:36 pm - Sandra Bullock is looking GORGEOUS

6:39 pm - Stanley Tucci is a class act. So tragic that his wife can't be there.


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Jeremy Renner and his mom are so adorable.

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